Project / Work

Work has always been important to me, its one of my motivating factors that leads me through my daily task. From the moment I wake up I am thinking about what I need to do and how I can do it better. Its what shapes me and fulfils me daily

Pink Tiger Media

Pink tiger media is my pride and joy I started the agency in 1996 when I realized there wasn’t a specialized agency in the financial sector. Its been through many ups and downs but my team and I have produced some amazing campaigns and its during this period that I’ve produced some of my finest work. Over all its my crowning glory and I can wait to make it bigger.

Published Articles

Recognition for the work you do comes often, it can come from a client, your partner or even you colleagues, but occasionally in those rare moment it comes from the media. Over the years my varied passions have seen me be recognized in the media on a few occasions. Its somewhat satisfying to know that the hard work you have put in to any of your hobbies or activities is getting published and made available for the world to see.