Feng Shui

When I moved to Asia I became intrigued by many of the Chinese cultural beliefs and adored the vibrant energy of Hong Kong. One can not help but hear the stories of why some buildings are designed to enhance an areas positive chi, the entire logic of this fascinated me. This led to me studying Chinese Metaphysics which I know incorporate into my daily life.

Among the many people I have met over the years is Jill Landers, chief Feng Shui practitioner of Golden Elements in Hong Kong. She was a great help to me in furthering my studies in the art of Feng Shui especially in helping me further my knowledge in the 4 pillars of destiny. She was a great teacher who made understanding this art simple and intriguing for me.

Another source of knowledge for me was Malaysia’s Joey yap. He helped me delve further into the study of the 4 pillars of destiny.

Raewyn gained her Feng Shui Practitioner diploma while studying under Master Raymond Lo, popularly known as “Feng Shui Lo” in Hong Kong.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science of aligning the flow of chi  (energy) within in a building to tap into good fortune. It is neither magic or spiritual it requires judgement, skill and precise interpretation. When the natural forces of chi are balanced in our homes or workplaces the occupants will have a more harmonious, healthy and prosperous environment. Its effects can be immediate and powerful.