My Poodle, PinkPINK

Toy Poodle

Pink professionally known as “Pink The Punk Poodle”- by the way just to confuse you she is red in colour. Of course being called Pink she is a girl and 100% Malaysian. At ten months old she is extremely clever, provides cuddles galore and is a working gal in my ad agency, International conference calls in the boardroom sitting on my lap are indeed her speciality. She also acts as an interesting alarm clock – by gently licking my ear to wake me in the mornings.


Persian Cat, PradaPRADA

Persian Cat

Prada is a girl  smokey black in colour and is three years old  She is a Penangite  – 100% Malaysian. She is regal with her lion haircut for the tropical weather  and is rather particular who she shows affection to.


My Schnauzer, PorschePORSCHER

Minature Schnauzer

Porscher is a 100% Honkie (Hong Kong). It was love at first sight – I went to buy cat food and went home with a beautiful Schnauzer puppy. This gal gave out so much love. She had a major hate of Chinese Dragon Dances and would howl at them to stop. With a glamorous name like Porscher it was Business class on Thai Airways of course sitting on my lap to Bangkok and then onto Penang Malaysia.  She was a celebrity in many photo shoots – with her dyed Pink eyebrows.


Persian Cat, GeorgiaGEORGIO

Persian Cat

Georgio’s pedigree name is Adinnlo Soldier Gray  this charmer is 100% pommy (British) a black smokey chap. He is extremely well travelled. He thoroughly loved late night drives to the 24 hour bagel shop in Brick Lane London and would take the longer drive home past Buckingham Palace to say goodnight to Mrs Queen. He brought smiles to the faces of many London commuters when we would be walking through the city to my ad agency – his head would be out of the black satchel bag taking in the sights.  Another feature was a regular drive from London to Scotland – no hassle for this guy. Georgio even ventured on weekend boating trips in the Norfolk Broads in the United Kingdom. It was British airways all the way from London to Hong Kong for this chap. A few years later he was on Thai Airways in Business Class on my lap flying to Bangkok and then onto Penang – Malaysia.  A true Soldier.