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We Adopted A Tiger

Pink Tiger Media’s CEO Raewyn McBain has officially adopted an endangered Malaysian tiger through the World Wildlife Fund Malaysia tiger conservation programme. Supporting the WWF allows for anti-poaching patrol systems, tiger population assessments and community anti-poaching awareness initiatives to protect and monitor these majestic animals. Focusing on the Belum-Temengor forest complex the WWF utilizes adoption funds to implement minimum protected areas for tigers monitoring and protecting the species to ensure future survival. As a species the tiger is known for its power, courage and solitary life. Considered of great importance in many Asian countries, the tiger symbolizes Asian cultural identity and is featured in traditional myth, folklore and art.

Much like a tiger, PINK TIGER MEDIA knows how to deliver a powerful impact with maximum results. With a passionate and experienced team led by CEO Raewyn McBain, we help businesses create lasting impressions, deepen brand engagement and build strong customer relations. At PINK TIGER MEDIA the tiger inspires us both in business and in our responsibility to support the protection and preservation of the tiger species.

In addition, Raewyn has taken her passion for wildlife further by volunteering at an Elephant sanctuary in Laos for ten days. During this time Raewyn became a “Mahout” caring for and learning about the mighty elephant in its natural habitat. Raewyn remains a strong supporter of animal rights and continues her wildlife conservation efforts, incorporating it into both her business and everyday life.