Raewyn McBain

Published by Expatriate Lifestyle on 1 July 2012

Raewyn McBain is one kind of a lady. Be it for her pink or purple hair, or her no beating around the bush attitude, she can be seen roaming around the streets of Penang on her bicycle or with her camera, snapping instant life shots. Creativity has found a new epitome, and her true love for Penang is unrivaled.

Who are you?
Name   Raewyn McBain
Nationality   New Zealander
Occupation   CEO of Pink Tiger Media
Time in Malaysia   Five years


From New York to Hong Kong, Pink Tiger Media CEO, Raewyn McBain has decided to call Penang home. Hailing from New Zealand, it is no understatement to say that Raewyn is in a class of her own here. “I used to work in the city, then in Hong Kong, in the banking industry. Boring! Suits and bragging about the latest most expensive toy is definitely not my kind of things!”

When Raewyn first landed with her husband in Penang, it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the island. “In the taxi from the airport, even before reaching the hotel, I already knew that it was going a love at first sight story between Penang and me.”

And so was it! Immediately after her holidays, she decided to relocate her business to Malaysia. “I am not too fond of the hectic pace of Kuala Lumpur. Penang, for me, is the best one can expect. The quality of living, the infrastructures, everything, makes it the ideal place to settle.”

Traveling extensively between Malaysia, Hong Kong, New York and Europe, Raewyn cannot stay away for too long from her condominium overlooking the peaceful Penangites waters.  And when she is in town, even with a hectic schedule, she does manage to indulge in a bit of R&R from time to time. “Photography, writing, and cycling on a daily basis. I have hit the wall a couple of times, and I am not planning on doing it again. Penang has that relaxing, while being a vibrant city, effect on me. It’s the perfect combination.”

Traveling extensively between Malaysia, Hong Kong, New York and Europe, Raewyn cannot stay away for too long from her condominium overlooking the peaceful Penangites waters.

Feng shui master, Raewyn does admit though to be obsessed with her beloved pets; a Miniature Schnauzer – Porscher and her Persian cat – Prada, who she swears are loyal. However, her one and foremost love, beside her Scottish husband, is her agency. Even if she recollects the past five years as a roller coaster ride, one that she is still on and is almost at the top, Raewyn figures she still has a short climb to finish. It has been invigorating, running an off shore, full service advertising agency from the Pearl of the Orient and she is mighty proud of it. Her agency Pink Tiger Media, has come a long way and grown since its early days in London, plus the work her team continues to produce, gives her a buzz as she watches these individuals she’s nurtured, grow.

Anyone who’s ever met Raewyn, would agree that she leaves quite an impression, and that’s putting it mildly. Pink or purple hair, no beating around the bush attitude, the one of a kind CEO is one to reckon with. When asked about the challenges she may be facing while running an international media agency from the island, Raewyn brushes off the idea.

“Anyone that says we are lost in the middle of nowhere here is out of his mind. We connect to anywhere in no time!”

All in all, this one of a kind woman lives by the motto: “to live in the now!” However, while travelling, she does confess to being entertained by the International Edition of HELLO. As she so eloquently puts it; “it’s a great read when sitting in cattle class on a flight—a nice piece of trash to take your mind off work and the disgusting habits of fellow travellers!”